How to intercept the Whatsapp conversation of a mobile phone?

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Intercepting the Whatsapp messenger chats of a particular smart phone is really not as difficult as you think. Before you would have had to do what most people do which is via checking the device periodically? The effectiveness of this method has proven overtime to be weak. The reason for this is pretty simple; for example supposed you were trying to monitor the Whatsapp conversation of your teenager.

If he or she ever got the idea of what you are doing then chances are they would delete all naughty conversations and this would leave you with nothing. It may even give you a false sense of security that things are good when in fact that is far from the truth.

The other method which is becoming pretty popular is through the use of cell phone spy software. When a spy app is installed onto a smart phone it allows the user to track certain mobile phone activities such as the gps coordinates of the device; call history; Blackberry messenger chat etc and of course intercept Whatsapp messages. This is done secretly so the person will never know he or she is being monitored. All of the information captured is sent to the user either via email or to an online secure surveillance account. As a result, the user would never have to touch that phone to be aware of what is really occurring with their kids or staff members.

How do I monitor Whatsapp messages now?

The first thing that you need is to acquire an app which offers this feature. When it comes to this then there are only two apps which stand out. There names are Mobistealth and Flexispy respectively. Each carry similar functions however; Mobistealth is usually the first option because of its payment options and also affordable pricing. The only problem is that  works on fewer phones than its competitor (in terms of the ability to intercept Whatsapp messages) as a result if you cannot get it from them then Flexispy will be your next option.

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flexispy omni

Flexispy omni which is the next option is pricier but is definitely worth the money. This is the app which is preferred by the professional surveillance companies because of its reliability, robustness and innovation. In terms of support you will be able to speak to someone online and have access to a full library of documentation (e.g. video tutorials etc). If you would like to spy on Whatsapp chat with this app then get

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