Top sms spy software reviews – What are the best apps when it comes to spying on someone’s text messages?

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sms spy software

Currently, sms spy software is becoming pretty popular especially among parents, surveillance companies and also corporations. These special apps core function allows you to read someone’s text messages secretly. The reason for this is that many persons use sms messages to communicate quite a lot of confidential information between themselves and other individuals. Therefore by monitoring their activities overtime it is quite possible to discover if the person is true or not by their own admission.

The best part is it does not matter if the person deletes the correspondences shortly afterwards because the sms spy software will capture it for you. As a result you can simply go to your spy account or email and view each and every correspondence sent and received by the particular mobile. In this review we will be looking at the top two sms interceptor apps on the market. In general these programs come with additional features which include email interception, call logging and more. Depending on the functions you wish, it can cost you between 50 bucks and 500 bucks.

What is recommended is that you keep things simple because you will get similar results with the basic features oppose to the advance ones. When dealing with sms spy apps your best bet is Mobistealth or Mobile spy. Both have been in this business for some time now and have proven to be the most stable and also effective applications out there. In terms of choice it really comes down to the perks. Typically, many people will go with Mobistealth because it is affordable and comes in three different packages.

Below is a quick look the sms spy software

mobistealth pro x

Compatible phone: iphone, Blackberry, Android (Samsung, Motorola), Symbian (e.g. Nokia) and Windows Mobile phone.

Features: spy on sms messages, cell phone gps tracking, contact details; call history recording; website tracking; photo and video logging; events and calendar recording; reverse phone look up service; mobile phone bugging; bbm spying and the ability to listen in on cell phone calls.

Price Range: $39.99USD to $199.99USD

Further information:  get

mobile spy app

Compatible phone: Blackberry, iphone, Android based (e.g. HTC, LG), Symbian (e.g. Nokia) and Windows Mobile phone.

Features: text message monitoring; mobile phone tracking; contact details; call logging; task and events recording; email monitoring; website tracking; photo and video logging; bbm monitoring, whatsapp spying, remote lock and unlock of the mobile, imessage tracking, instant messenger monitoring (e.g. yahoo, Aol, windows live etc),  live control panel (optional) and more.

Additional Bonuses: the ability to track the activities of 3 mobile phones with a single subscription, telephone support, free subscription of Sniperspy (computer surveillance app) with the purchase of a one year subscription.

Price Range: $49.95USD to $129.95USD

Further information: get

As you can see in the this review each sms spy software app has its own unique features and advantages.

How to spy on sms messages of anyone’s cell phone secretly

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sms monitoring apps

When it comes to spying on the sms messages of someone’s mobile there are generally two choices which are available. The first option involves searching through the person’s mobile phone for any incriminating text messages. This is usually a long process in which you must be consistently monitoring their sms messages in order to reap any result. If the person is aware that they are being watched it is a great possibility that they would stop using this method of communication or erase any correspondence which might get them into trouble. Either way it is easy to recognize that this is not the most efficient method there is.

In order to spy on sms messages effectively your best bet is to use some type of surveillance software. These apps are available for download on the internet and can be quickly implemented within minutes of the download.

How does sms spy software work?

Well most of these programs work on the same principle. It involves you installing the software onto the mobile phone you wish to watch. Once the initial set up is completed the app would usually go into stealth mode and start to monitor sms messages sent and received by the person. As information is captured it will be sent to you through the internet to your private spy profile. In order to acquire the data you would simply have to log on and it will be available to you.

These programs provide the most effective method to intercept someone’s text messages because for starters the mobile user will never know that you are recording their activities unless you tell them; and also you will be able to read the content of the message whether or not it is erased. There is also an additional perk which is that usually this technology comes with additional functionality including the ability to track the mobile phone; log all calls; intercept emails and more. This will give you an overall better picture of the situation which you will be dealing with.

What app should I use?

In terms of the top apps to spy on sms messages your choice will be between Mobistealth and Mobile Spy. Both carry similar core functions but what differentiate them is the price as well as the additional bonuses offered. The main features carried by both of them include cell phone tracking, call logging, website tracking, email monitoring, contact details, whatsapp monitoring, bbm tracking etc. Mobistealth offers its features in three different packages in that way it can offer a subscription as low as $39.99USD to as high as $199.99USD. This is presently one of the most popular text message monitoring programs because it can give you precisely what you want at an affordable price. For further details on Mobistealth visit:

Mobile Spy is a bit more expensive but gives the user quite a bit more. For example it has more features than its rival with features including the ability to remotely lock the phone; intercept imessages; monitor facebook etc. In addition the user would be able to monitor three cell phones with one subscription and will acquire a free computer monitoring app if an annual subscription is chosen. There are other benefits which you will notice but you would need to go to the main website to see them.

For more details on how to spy on sms messages with Mobile Spy:

SMS spy – How does a private investigator intercept someone’s text messages?

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sms spy

The technique of sms spying has been a closely guarded secret in the surveillance industry for some time now. After all if everyone knew how to do it then they would implement the system themselves and bypass the private investigators and other surveillance professionals. Obviously, this would be a reduction of income for them therefore they really have no reason to readily divulge this knowledge to you anyways. However, as time went on more people became aware that you can use an app known as a sms interceptor to monitor someone’s text messages remotely.

This is mainly due to the fact that more vendors have entered the market and through campaigning has made their presence known in the arena. There are no perquisites for using sms spy technology other than you having the ability to pay for the cost of the service. When you compare paying around fifty bucks for an app and hundreds of dollars in private investigator fees, it is usually a no brainer to which route to choose. The only difficulty now is in the selection of software and this is actually a critical aspect in the whole thing. Like in most industries you will find good and also bad products.

In this respect a good sms interceptor is one which is able to record each and every text message sent and received by the cell phone without the user of the device knowledge. The first part is usually not an issue but the stealth is usually the major concern. There are a number of programs out there which actually show tell tale signs that they have been installed onto the mobile targeted. As a result sometimes you would find that person becomes aware of your surveillance attempt and this can cause a number of issues in itself. For example, if your child is aware that you are monitoring their text messages then chances are he or she may stop using this form of communication or may plant misleading messages making your efforts now futile.

What is a good sms spy to use?

In general most people use Mobile spy when it comes to cell phone surveillance. This is for a number of reasons but the main ones are due to the stability of the system and also the general customer service. For example this app is currently the only one which offers USA based phone support. This means that if there are any issues or presale questions you can pick up the phone and talk to an individual about it. Others usually offer the support ticket alone which mean that you may have to wait hours before actually receiving a reply to your query.

Another benefit of this sms spy software is that you will be able to do much more than just intercept text messages alone. Additional features included with this interceptor app are cell phone tracking; phone book details; call logging; website tracking; email monitoring; task logging; live control panel and more. The price ranges between $49.99USD and $129.99USD depending on the subscription chosen. If you decide to go with the yearly subscription then you will get a computer spy app known as Sniper Spy absolutely.

For more information on this sms spy app get

Sms spy apps frequently asked questions

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Will the person know that you are monitoring their sms messages?

The answer to that is no. Once the sms spy app which you have purchased works in a complete stealth mode there is no way that they would know you installed surveillance software on their smart phone unless you tell the person or hint it to them. Of course some programs will do a better job than the others and that was taken into consideration in the software recommended by this website.

Does the target mobile need an internet connection for the sms spy app to work?

The answer is yes and this is due to the fact that the information collected is sent to the user’s email or web account.

Will I still see the text message although the person deleted it?

The answer to that is yes. Once the communication is sent or received it will instantly be copied by the software and sent to you. Therefore it does not make a difference whether the message is deleted the same time as it is received or sent.

What are the most popular apps on the market today?

In terms of functionality and reliability the best programs to monitor sms messages are Mobistealth and Mobile Spy. Each has its own set of additional features which really promotes which app is chosen. Therefore you would not only be able to spy on text messages but you will also be able to track the cell phone; intercept emails; track Blackberry messenger chat; use the mobile phone as a bug; listen in on cell phone conversations etc.

For more information about Mobistealth get

For more information about Mobile spy get.

Are sms spy apps illegal?

Cell phone surveillance programs on the whole are totally legal. Any issue which is usually encountered is due to the purpose it is being used for. For example stalking someone will definitely put you on the wrong side of the law. If the cell phone you wish to monitor does not belong to you or the person is over 18 then you should seek advice from a legal professional.

Do you need to physically install this type of software?

Yes, it is necessary for you to actually download and install the sms spyware software on the mobile phone in question. There is no app on the market presently which can be installed remotely. This is no worries because after the installation is completed you would never have to touch that device again to know what is happening with the person you wish to watch.

How to check my kids text messages secretly?

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monitor child text messages

If you have a child with a cell phone and you are a concerned parent, then you would definitely want to keep an eye on that device. One of the most important aspect of monitoring your young one’s mobile is checking your kid’s text messages. This is because it is one of the most popular communications used on a smart phone. It is easy and convenient to use especially if you do not want someone to hear what you are talking about. Children tend to share opinions and plans through this media and other messenger applications. As a result if you could monitor your child’s text messages then you would have a better understanding of what is happening in their world.

For instance he or she may want to skip school or maybe become involved in drugs. These are things which are not openly shared with parents and if left unattended could put them in big trouble. When you check your kid’s text messages and these things are seen then you can act on it. So what is the best way to keep track of their text messages? Well that is easy, through use of cell phone monitoring software. These apps are designed for such an occasion and works completely hidden in the background of your kids mobile phone so that he or she would not know that they are being monitored.

Cell phone monitoring software secretly records information about the device under surveillance. It does not only spy on sms messages but other transmissions such as emails, blackberry messenger, Whatsapp and more. You could even track the mobile phone if you like to know their exact location at all times. Since text messages are becoming obsolete it is actually a great thing to be able to acquire information about these other messenger services. It would give you a better overview about your children’s activities which means less would be missed.


phonesheriff software


The good part is that it is easy to use. You just have to install it onto your child’s smart phone. Once activated it will begin logging data and then send it to your email address or spy account. Simply access these accounts to read your kid’s text messages and more.

What software should I use to monitor my kid’s cell phone?

If you are looking for the perfect cell phone parental monitoring application then it is recommended to use Phonesheriff. It costs just under 90 bucks and its list of features allow you to check your kid’s text messages, emails, calls, photos, videos, websites visited; applications installed; calendar entries; gps logs (the exact position of the device) and more. It also allow you to block and control certain functions such as who can call your child or which websites they are allowed to visit. To boot Phonesheriff is also capable of monitoring tablet pcs as well. For more information on Phonesheriff and what it could do get.

The second app recommended is Mobile spy, it contains the same monitoring features as Phonesheriff but a bit more which allow the user to track bbm, whatsapp messenger, YouTube videos watched and more. It comes with the ability to watch three devices which is excellent for families. It costs more than its competitor however; if you are monitoring two or three children then it would work out. For further details on how to check your child’s text messages with this software visit

Top bbm spy apps – How to spy on Blackberry messenger?

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Are you interested in spying on bbm chat of your kids or employee’s Blackberry smart phone? Do you want to see each and every message sent back and forth? Then no worries, there is special software known as a Blackberry messenger spy app which could be used to intercept this type of communication. These programs run in the background of the Blackberry smart phone logging bbm messages and then sending them to the user’s online account. The user would then go and view the information collected. Although the primary focus maybe to spy on bbm messages these app also come with other capabilities.

This includes intercepting text messages, emails, call history, gps locations, calendar events and virtually any other thing you can think about. There is no limitation or restriction to what can be monitored. If this makes this software sound a bit complex do not worry because these apps are designed for easy use. Actually, if you can install a typical Blackberry application then you can do the same with these programs. In order to succeed you must ensure that the smart phone has some form of connection to the web. Otherwise trying to use a bbm monitoring program would prove futile. This is because the data logged is sent to the Blackberry spy app website and the user log on to their account to view the records. As a result by using a simple web browser it is possible to access these records at anytime and anywhere.

The next step in this review leads you to determine which bbm spy app to choose. In all, the top choices to monitor Blackberry messenger chat are either Mobistealth or Stealthgenie.


Mobistealth is usually the preferred choice because it gets the job done, it has telephone support and it is also less expensive than the competition. It is also capable of monitoring Blackberry text messages, pictures taken, emails, surroundings, appointments, call history, contact details and the gps coordinates. As you may realise there is nothing much that would escape the user of this particular program. The starting cost is just under 40 bucks. If you would like to find out more information then visit

Stealthgenie on the other hand contains more features than its competitor. In addition to what Mobistealth offers it can also remotely uninstall the application; sim change notifications; phone data backup and more. The cost of this bbm spy app starts at just under 60 bucks for a subscription. For further details get

Best child cell phone tracking software – How to track your kid’s mobile?

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track kids cell phoneAre you interested in tracking your child’s cell phone? Do you wish to know the location of him or her at all times? Then if the child has a smart phone in their possession you would need special tracker software to do so. It works by capturing the gps coordinates of the kid’s cell phone and then transmitting it to the apps website. The parent would then log onto their personal account to see where their device is. The location is displayed on a map which contains roads, buildings and any other land marks of the area. This makes it pretty easy to recognise exactly where the phone is.

In terms of requirements to implement a child cell phone tracking app you must ensure that the software chosen is compatible with the device otherwise it would never work. The gps unit on the mobile must be enabled and also functional. Finally there must be internet to link the captured data to the website that is doing the tracking. Otherwise it would be impossible to view the results. Once everything is clear then it is time to go ahead and implement the program. There aren’t many apps out there which could successfully track your kid’s mobile phone so we have in this review the two top ones. Also please note that you won’t only be monitoring the smart phone’s location but transmissions such as text messages, blackberry messenger, whatsapp chat etc.

What are the best child cell phone tracking apps?

phonesheriff software

If you are looking for a program then we recommend using either Phonesheriff or Mobile spy. Phonesheriff is an affordable program in which it cost under 90 bucks. As mentioned before these programs are capable of doing more than just tracking your kid’s mobile. Once installed onto your child’s cell phone the parent would be able to monitor their child’s text messages, call history, contact details,  and more. If you are interested in finding out further details on how to track your kid’s mobile with Phonesheriff then get.

The alternative is Mobile spy which cost more for a subscription however; you would be able to monitor three mobiles with one purchase. This means it is more affordable from the sense of families. It is also able to do advance surveillance such as spying on whatsapp conversations, social networking (facebook and twitter) and Blackberry messenger. If you would like to find out more details about child cell phone tracking app then visit

Text message spy software – How to monitor text messages secretly?

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text message spy apps

Do you want to know how to monitor text messages of a cell phone? Would it be nice to view what your children or staff are talking about? Then it is best to install an sms spy app onto their mobile phone. If you never heard about this technology well it is simple to understand. These are similar to regular apps with the exception that these programs record the text messages that are sent or received by the particular device. When the data is captured these monitoring program then transmit the details across the internet to the vendor’s website. The user would then go to the website to view the information gathered.

Although it is text message monitoring software; it is definitely possible to view more than the text message communications. Many programs are offering whatsapp monitoring; cell phone gps tracking; blackberry messenger spying; email interception; picture logging and more. Therefore the user would get a better picture of who they are watching. The only thing which has to be decided on now is which program to use. A text message spy could cost as little as 50 bucks or as much as 200 bucks depending on the brand or features.

When choosing an app you must take into consideration what would get the job done. Since text messaging is being used less these days then it is important that you monitor both that service and the newer services such as Blackberry messenger. That way you would ensure to acquire the information you wish. In this overview we would be looking at two popular applications to monitor the sms messages of a cell phone.

The first one is known as Mobile Spy. It is by far the most popular program online at this time. It is not only known for its reliability but also its customer support. This is one of the few apps out there that actually provides telephone support for its software. As a result you no longer have to wait for the typical support ticket system. Also, Mobile spy gives its users the ability to track three cell phones activities. Its price range starts at just under 50 bucks but you do get your money worth. Additional functions offered include the ability to intercept Whatsapp messages, emails, pictures and videos taken, contact details, calendar events and more. If you are interested in finding out more about this sms spy program then visit

The second program which is gaining quite a bit of popularity now is mspy. This software has similar features to its competitor however; it could also spy on Skype conversations as well. This is especially useful for persons with an iphone and Android based smart phone. Its customer support is also great with telephone support on a 24/7 basis as well as the other systems. The starting cost is around the same 50 bucks however the annual subscription is more than its competitor. If you are interested in finding out more about using mspy to monitor text messages then visit

Lg text message spy software – The best way to read an Lg phone sms communications

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spy on lg text messages

Lg text message spy software is an innovative technology which allows the user to read someone’s sms messages without the person having a clue to what is happening. Sometimes known as a sms interceptor this type of app is pretty popular with companies as well as parents and it is easily understood why. For starters people in general like to communicate confidential information. Therefore by having the ability to check what they are saying you could easily discover what they are really up to. Since the app will be able to record the information whether it is deleted this make it superior to the other method which involves looking through the messages physically.

The best part about spying on Lg text messages by using this technology is that you won’t be restricted to sms spying alone. It is also possible to gather other information such as Whatsapp chat; gps locations; call history; emails etc. This is quite a bit more than what is bargained for and you could be certain that every other function will be worth their salt. It will just be a matter of choosing which is the best app that suit your needs. This does not necessary mean acquiring the top app but one which coincides with the target’s habit.

What are some reputable LG sms spy apps?

Presently on the market there are two programs which really stand out when it comes to monitoring a LG phone text messages and they are Mobistealth and Flexispy. Generally persons would go with Mobistealth first because it is quite affordable and consist quite a bit of features. This includes:

  • Monitoring sms messages
  • Mobile phone tracking
  • Email monitoring
  • Picture Logging
  • Video Logging
  • Call history recording
  • Phone call interception
  • Mobile bugging
  • Whatsapp monitoring (only on selected mobile models so ensure to view features at time of purchase)

In terms of price it varies between a little less than 40 bucks to around $200.00USD. The price range could be attributed to two things which are the package and subscription type chosen. In terms of the package you have a choice between Lite, Pro and Prox in which each has different from amount of features. The Lite version has the least amount of functions and the Prox has the most. Subscription could be on a 3, 6 or 12 month bases. This means if you were hard up on money and wanted basic functionality for a short period of time then this software is an excellent option. For further details on this LG text message spy then visit

Flexispy omni on the other hand has been the major player in the cell phone monitoring industry for some time now. Its advantage over the competition is in compatibility and customer service. Basically if the competition doesn’t work with a particular smart phone this app will. Also, it is really neat that you could chat with a customer service rep online as well. To understand its true benefits you would have to see the main website. Visit

Android sms spy – How to monitor android text messages secretly online

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monitor android text messages

In terms of spying on Android sms messages you would need a basic cell phone monitoring application to get this task accomplished. When installed onto an Android mobile it will allow the user to read every single text message which is sent or retrieved from the device online. Since everything is hidden then you could take what has been discovered as genuine and a true representation of the person’s situation. Although you may discover things which are quite startling with this Android sms spy app please remember never to allow the person to know how you are acquiring your information.

For example if you discovered your child is skipping school then approach them in a way that you would not compromise your source of information. This is because it may come in handy at a later time and if he or she knows about it then the effectiveness will be diminished.

Could I do more than just monitor Android text messages?

The answer to that question is certainly because these types of programs come with a variety of features and this includes call monitoring, picture logging, email interception etc. Various programs come with different sets of features therefore the price could change significantly from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Generally the more additional functionality you have the better the more vivid the picture will be. In this website we recommend two apps to spy on Android sms messages and these are Ephonetracker and Mobistealth. Each brings to the table its own benefits in which you the user must decide which is best suits your needs.

Which one should I choose?

Ephonetracker is considered a basic sms interceptor app. It consists of few additional features to help you in your surveillance and it relatively cheap at just $49.99USD. When installed onto a smart phone this Android sms spy will also allow you to track the mobile’s gps coordinates; capture the call history; make bug the mobile (listen in on the surroundings), track websites visited and view phone contacts information. This app is very appealing to those on a limited budget or those who think that they could get by with mainly monitoring Android text messages alone. Ephonetracker details could be found on

If however, you think you need a bit more bang then Mobistealth will be definitely the way to go. It consists of the same features as its competitor however you will also be able to listen in on mobile phone conversations; picture logging; appointment logging; sim change notification and video recording. For a price range of $39.99US to $199.99USD it is not bad especially if you are interested in digging a bit more.

If you would like to find out more about Mobistealth Android sms spy then visit:


Blackberry text message spy software – Monitor Blackberry sms messages secretly and effectively

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blackberry sms spyHave you heard about Blackberry text message spy software? Would like to get your hands on one to start tracking your kid’s or staff sms activities? Then read this article and by the end you will definitely know the best programs there are presently when it comes to Blackberry surveillance. The best part about these apps is that you will be able to not only spy on Blackberry sms messages but quite a bit more than that. A few applications will even offer you the ability to monitor bbm, intercept calls and bug the Blackberry surroundings. It comes down to what other communications you would like to monitor (if any) as well as what price you are a willing to pay.

Software to spy on Blackberry text messages starts as low as 50 bucks and can reach over a few hundred dollars depending on the vendor and functions attainable. It is recommended that you do not really concentrate on the cost but on the effectiveness of the application. For example if you are certain that the cell phone user is into messaging on Blackberry messenger then an app which can intercept bbm communications as well would definitely give you the results you wish. It may cost a few bucks but when weighed with the disadvantages there is really no comparison.

What app should I use to monitor sms messages of a Blackberry?

In this scenario we look at two options which are the basic program and the more robust one. Ephonetracker is a simple app which allows you to intercept a few additional communications outside of the sms messages. It is capable of tracking the mobile phone, calls, websites browsed, contacts and also the ability to make a spy call (listening into the devices environment by turning on the mic). For just $49.99USD this app is not only affordable but has enough additional features to be effective in surveillance.

For more details on Ephonetracker visit

If you need a bit more kick then Mobistealth is definitely the way to go. It offers similar functionality to Ephonetracker however you will also be able to intercept Blackberry messenger chat, log pictures and videos; sim change notifications and much more. Its price range is between $39.99USD and $199.99USD. Its price range is significantly greater however with the additional functionality you will definitely be able to gain more information than from the basic Blackberry text message spy.

If you would like to find out more about monitoring Blackberry sms messages with Mobistealth then visit

Symbian sms spy – What software to use to monitor a symbian phone text messages?

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sms spy for symbian

Are you in need of a good Symbian sms spy to keep an eye on your teenagers or staff? Well there is no fear because by the end of this article you would know what are the most coveted apps on the market are today. Symbian phones have been popular for years now with Nokia leading the charge as one of the most popular smart phone internationally. It was the top brand for some time now until the other types such as Blackberry and the iphone came up in the market quite recently. Like with other cell phones many people are implementing text message spying technology as a means to monitor employee or children activities.

This method is pretty effective because once the app is installed onto the smart phone in question it will capture quite a bit. This could be to spy on Symbian sms messages, gps locations, call logs and much more. The program does everything in stealth so as a result your child or employee would not be aware that you are monitoring them unless you were to inform them. As a result much of the information which he or she was trying to hide from you will start to come to the forefront. If the person deletes all incriminating communications then that does not matter because this technology captures everything before deletion.

What is a good Symbian text message spy app?

In terms of monitoring the sms messages of this smart phone it is best to go with a simple app. The reason being is that these cost quite a bit less that the more robust applications and they have the features which could get the job done. A good example is Ephonetracker which was created by the Retina studios. It is excellent in terms of Symbian sms spying and more. You will also be able to track the mobile (providing the phone has a functioning gps chip); view the call history; view all websites visited; make a spy call and also have the ability to see contact list. This is done through a special email reporting system which forwards you the records periodically. Therefore you could easily sit back and wait to see what is happening with the person in question.

In terms of cost it is just $49.95 per subscription making it quite affordable for most person who would like to do basic cell phone surveillance. In order to find out more about Ephonetracker Symbian sms spy then go to 

How to intercept the Whatsapp conversation of a mobile phone?

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whatsapp monitoring app

Intercepting the Whatsapp messenger chats of a particular smart phone is really not as difficult as you think. Before you would have had to do what most people do which is via checking the device periodically? The effectiveness of this method has proven overtime to be weak. The reason for this is pretty simple; for example supposed you were trying to monitor the Whatsapp conversation of your teenager.

If he or she ever got the idea of what you are doing then chances are they would delete all naughty conversations and this would leave you with nothing. It may even give you a false sense of security that things are good when in fact that is far from the truth.

The other method which is becoming pretty popular is through the use of cell phone spy software. When a spy app is installed onto a smart phone it allows the user to track certain mobile phone activities such as the gps coordinates of the device; call history; Blackberry messenger chat etc and of course intercept Whatsapp messages. This is done secretly so the person will never know he or she is being monitored. All of the information captured is sent to the user either via email or to an online secure surveillance account. As a result, the user would never have to touch that phone to be aware of what is really occurring with their kids or staff members.

How do I monitor Whatsapp messages now?

The first thing that you need is to acquire an app which offers this feature. When it comes to this then there are only two apps which stand out. There names are Mobistealth and Flexispy respectively. Each carry similar functions however; Mobistealth is usually the first option because of its payment options and also affordable pricing. The only problem is that  works on fewer phones than its competitor (in terms of the ability to intercept Whatsapp messages) as a result if you cannot get it from them then Flexispy will be your next option.

For more details on Mobistealth get

flexispy omni

Flexispy omni which is the next option is pricier but is definitely worth the money. This is the app which is preferred by the professional surveillance companies because of its reliability, robustness and innovation. In terms of support you will be able to speak to someone online and have access to a full library of documentation (e.g. video tutorials etc). If you would like to spy on Whatsapp chat with this app then get

Cell phone tracker software reviews – How to locate a mobile location?

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tracking a mobile phone

Cell phone tracker software technology provides parents and employers a convenient way to track their staff and children affordably. It works by using the gps coordinates captured by the phone’s gps chip and then forwarding that info to the user of the application. Humans can’t interpret these coordinates in their raw form so the program converts it onto a map. When you look at the map it will contain streets, buildings and various markers which would help to identify the actual location you are dealing with.

Some of the apps which are used to track cell phones also give you an option known as a Geo fence. This is an alert via email or sometimes sms which is sent instantly to you when the mobile go into or leave a particular area. This means if your teenager is not supposed to go to a particular mall or house you could flag that area. Once they enter the area you will be instantly notified and will be able to tackle this issue immediately. The possibilities are endless with this technology and the best part is that it is at a fraction of the cost of the other tracking technologies.

What is needed to use a cell phone tracker app?

The first thing which you need is a mobile with a functioning gps chip because as mentioned earlier this is what you would need to know the position of the device. The next thing which is necessary is connectivity to the web either by a data plan or wifi. This is will allow the app to send the location of the mobile phone to the special account. You simply use your username and password and you will be able to see the tracker information. Depending on the program you will be able to choose one or multiple coordinates to view on the map. By choosing multiple points you will see the route of the device from a particular point to another.

Below is a picture of a map of the area of the device with the green indicator being the position of the cellular.

tracking a cell phone

How do I get started?

The first thing which you would need to do is choose an app. Generally these apps come with additional features such as sms spying, phone book details, email monitoring etc. If you would like a basic app then it is best to go with Ephonetracker. It is actually one of the most popular surveillance programs for smart phones and for just $49.99USD it is a deal when compared with other programs which comes with other functions which you may or may not use. If you are interested then go to

In the event you need a more complex program with other features such as geo fencing then you should take a look at Stealthgenie. It is one of the more sophisticated products online today with other popular features such as bbm tracking, surroundings listening, video and photo logging etc. If you would like to learn more about this mobile phone track app get.